Beijing Dance Academy

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Beijing Dance Academy
Type Public
Established 1954
President Li Xu
Students More than 2000
Location Beijing
Campus Urban

Beijing Dance Academy (simplified Chinese: 北京舞蹈学院; traditional Chinese: 北京舞蹈學院; pinyin: Běijīng Wǔdǎo Xuéyuàn), also known as Beijing Dance Institute, is a renowned institution of higher education of dance in China. There are three specialties: performance, choreography and dance studies. It offers Master's degrees and Bachelor's degrees.

The school was founded on September 6, 1954 and is located in Haidian District, Beijing. Dai Ailian was its first president. There are almost 500 teachers and administrative staff and about 2,000 students. Admission to the school is competitive.[1]

The academy also teaches pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students. Students attend full-time school at the academy and learn basic math, reading, writing, and other standard subjects. Students also choose a dance specialty such as ballet or Chinese traditional dance.


  • The department of Chinese Classical Dance
  • The department of Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance
  • The Ballet Department
  • The Department of Choreography
  • The Department of Dance Studies
  • The Department of Social Dance
  • The Department of Musical Theater
  • The Department of Art Communication
  • The Department of Art Design
  • The Education and Research Center for Modern Dance
  • The Department of Liberal Arts
  • Graduate Faulty
  • The School of Continuing Education
  • The School of Dance Grading Examination and Education
  • The Affiliated Secondary School of BDA
  • Youth Dance Company

Famous Instructors[edit]

  • Chunhong Wang

Chun Hong revived ballet training at the Beijing Dance Academy. During her training she was awarded in the Tao Li Bei Nationals Chinese Dance Competition, the Lyon Art Festival in France, and performed in “The Nutcracker”. Upon graduation Chun Hong became the soloist for NBC, later recognized by the LalaLa Human Step dance company in Canada. Chun Hong was invited to France to perform in the Opera House and take part in the film “Amelia”. She was also awarded the Priz Gemini Award in the United States. Chun Hong’s love for dance led her to explore different dance forms including Jazz and Hip Hop, and choreographing dance pieces for her students.

  • Shaofang Wu
  • Yimeng Jiang

Yimen received her formal Chinese classical dance training from Beijing DanceAcademy. She has performed many noted solo dancepieces as "Flying Fairy", "The Moon in Mid-Autum", and "General In Command". Yimen was also the lead dancer for many noted Chinese classical dance pieces and famous Chinese drama as "Peony Pavilion". From 2006 through 2012, Yi Meng has actively performed and participated in many major regional and national dance performances and venues in China. She has also traveled to and performed Chinese dance to the audience in Italy, Korea, and Hong Kong.

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