Beijing East Railway Station

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China Railway
201606 Facade of Beijingdong Station.jpg
Other names Beijing East
Location Shengou Village, Nanmofang, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Coordinates 39°54′05″N 116°28′43″E / 39.90139°N 116.47861°E / 39.90139; 116.47861
Operated by Beijing Railway Bureau
Line(s) Beijing–Harbin Railway
Jingbao Railway
Other information
Station code 12158
Opened 1938

Beijingdong Railway Station or Beijing East Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 北京东站; traditional Chinese: 北京東站; pinyin: Běijīngdōng Zhàn) is a railway station in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The station is located near Sihui.


A scheduled double-decker passenger train between Chengde and Handan (Y512/513, Y514/511) stop at the station every day.

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