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Beijing National Day School
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Address: No. 66 Yuquan Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Motto 志远意诚 思方行圆
(Innovation hard rigorous and realistic)
Established 1952
Principal, General Party Branch Secretary Li Xigui
Enrollment 4,174
Classes offered Junior high and high school
Campus size 156,000 square metres (39 acres)
Jiangshuaiyulinbei (将帅语林碑), the inscriptions of more than 100 leaders, officeholders and Generals of PLA. The ex-president of the PRC, Jiang Zemin, inscribed "gardener" ("园丁") to encourage the teachers and students of Beijing National Day School

Beijing National Day School, or Beijing October First School (Chinese: 北京十一学校 or 北京市十一学校) is a junior high and high school in established in 1952. Beijing National Day School is one of the most prestigious[citation needed] high schools in China.It is located in Yuquanlu, Haidian District, Beijing, China. The school was affiliated with the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China as the unique school for PLA's high level officers' children. It opened to recruit students from 1964 and became a general high school of Beijing, and no longer belongs to the PLA. In a 2016 ranking of Chinese high schools that send students to study in American universities, Beijing National Day School ranked number 4 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities.[1][2]


The precursor of National Day School was a special elementary school named "October First Elementary School of Central Military Commission" (军委十一小学). The elementary school was established in September 1952 by the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, and sanctioned by Marshal Nie Rongzhen, Zhu De and Prime Minister Zhou Enlai. The school was set up for educating the children of martyrs, officers who fought in the Korean War, and high-level officers of the PLA.

October First Secondary was established in 1952 under PLA management. The first principal of the school was Lin Yueqin (Marshal Luo Ronghuan's spouse); the vice-principal was Yu Shen (Lieutenant General Xiao Xiangrong's spouse). The school was exclusively for high level PLA officers' children, from establishment until 1964. Most of the graduates from October First School in that period joined the PLA.

Nie Rongzhen, Marshal of the PRC, named the school. "October First" is the national day of the PRC. October First Secondary School (Chinese:北京十一学校) and the Beijing No.11 Middle School (北京第十一中学) are two different schools, although the two schools' Chinese names are similar.

School buildings[edit]

In the early years, most buildings were one or two floors. A popular spot in the early years of the school was the Pentagon Garden. During the period from 1952 to 1992, that area included the main buildings in the school.

A rebuilding project started in the middle of the 1990s. The school administrator planned to enlarge the campus. In the late 1990s, the Junior High School Building, school library, and Senior High School buildings were constructed. In 2002, the sport field and laboratory building were closed for reconstruction, but the laboratory was reopened due to a classroom shortage; the space was required for classrooms. The old laboratory building was eventually removed in 2006.

From 2006 to late 2007, some new buildings such as an underground bookstore, International students building, arts building and athletic building, were completed. These were all part of the second phase of the enlargement project. The school's main entrance was changed from the north gate to the western gate.

List of principals[edit]

  • Lin Yueqin (1952–1986)
  • Li Jinchu (1987–2007)
  • Li Xigui (2008–present)

Student societies and activities[edit]

The student's leagues of October First school are classified as school-level leagues and non-School-level leagues. Financing for school-level leagues is provided from the school budget. Fees for non-school level leagues are paid by the student. Leagues recruit new members at the start of each term, and anyone who wants to set up a new league must apply to the school administrator office in that period.

Every April and November there are two periods for league activities and exhibits. Sometimes, the school administration may upgrade some of the better activities, and bestow the award "Elite League".

All leagues are nominally managed by the Student Union and Communistic Youth League Committee of October First School. However, the Student Union and CYLC have no jurisdictional powers.

The permanent student activities of school are Moot,[clarification needed] flea market and student gymkhana. These three are school level activities, which means they are supported by the school administrator. In addition, there are some other activities, such Christmas parties, New Year parties in classes and dormitories, and a mid-autumn party which are held independently by the students.

As of March 2005, the school has 110 leagues. The School-Level Leagues are:

Athletic field at the school
  • The Student Union of Beijing National Day School
  • H.C.C. (Hotspot Computer Club)
  • Student Television Station
  • Educational Minister Assistant Party (EMAP)
  • The Assistant Council of School Moral Education Administrator
  • The Research Society of School History
  • School Gymnastic Team
  • Kalaer Comic Club
  • Volunteers' Association
  • Golden Sail Orchestra
  • The Chorus of Child's Voice
  • Psychology Association
  • Bai Hua Painting and Calligraphy Association
  • Olive Branch League
  • The Hunters
  • Photography Enthusiast Association
  • Minor Atomy—— youngster Voluntary Service Association
  • Model UN Association
  • Byzantine Dance Club


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