Beijing North Railway Station

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Beijingbei Station
Beijing North Station
Beijing North Railway Station 01.jpg
Beijing North Railway Station
Province Beijing
(See other stations in Beijing)
City Beijing
Coordinates 39°56′43″N 116°20′50″E / 39.94528°N 116.34722°E / 39.94528; 116.34722
Former name Xizhimen Railway Station
Station statistics
Operator(s) Beijing MTR Corp. Ltd, Ministry of Railways of the People's Republic of China
Line(s) Jingbao railway,      BCR Line S2
No. of platforms 11

Beijingbei Railway Station or Beijing North Railway Station (Chinese: 北京北站; pinyin: Běijīngběi Zhàn), formerly known as Xizhimen Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 西直门站; traditional Chinese: 西直門車站; pinyin: Xīzhímén Zhàn), is a railway station in Beijing. It was built in 1905 as one of the original stations on the Jingzhang Railway, now part of the old Beijing-Baotou Line.

Beijing North is now a small (Tier-III) station managed by the Beijing Railway Bureau, providing regular intercity train services to the north and northwest, including the Huhhot-Manzhouli Grasslands Express (K274/K275/K277). It is also the southern terminus for the S2 Line of the Beijing Suburban Railway.

Public transportation[edit]

The station is located just outside of Xizhimen Station and accessible by Line 2, Line 4 and Line 13 of the Beijing Subway as well as city bus lines 16, 26, 85, 87, 438, 651 and 运通105.

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