Beijing Renmin Guangbo Diantai

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Beijing Renmin Guangbo Diantai
(English: Beijing People's Broadcasting Station)
Broadcast area Beijing,  China
Frequency FM 94.5 MHz FM 97.4 MHz, FM 100.6 MHz, FM 103.9 MHz, FM 107.3 MHz, AM 603 kHz, AM 774 kHz, AM 828 kHz, AM 927 kHz, Internet
First air date 1949
Format Contemporary
Beijing Renmin Guangbo Diantai
Simplified Chinese 北京人民广播电台
Traditional Chinese 北京人民廣播電臺

Beijing Renmin Guangbo Diantai (Chinese: 北京人民广播电台; pinyin: Běijīng Rénmín Guǎngbō Diàntái), is a family of municipal radio stations that also include news, music, and sports in Beijing. The Mandarin name translates literally as Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, however in recent years it has preferred the style Radio Beijing Corporation.[1]

Beijing Radio broadcasts in Beijing on AM, FM, cable FM, digital radio, digital TV and online.

List of Beijing Radio Stations[edit]

Beijing Radio Stations
Frequency/Internet Description
Beijing News Radio - Internet Streaming/AM 828 kHz, FM 100.6 MHz News
Gudian (古典) - Internet Streaming/98.6 FM Classical Music
Jingji - Internet Streaming City Management
Tongsu (通俗) - Internet Streaming/97.0 FM Popular Music (Mandopop)
Beijing Traffic Radio - Internet Streaming/FM 103.9 MHz Traffic
Jiaoxue (教学) - Internet Streaming/99.4 FM Class Radio for Languages and Beijing Radio & TV University
Wenyi (文艺) - Internet Streaming/87.6 FM Chinese Literature Broadcast
Beijing Sport Radio (体育) - Internet Streaming/AM 927 kHz/FM 102.5 MHz Sports Broadcast
Beijing Music Radio (音乐) - Internet Streaming/FM 97.4 MHz Beijing Music Radio (Mandopop)
Shenghuo - Internet Streaming Beijing City Life Broadcast
Qingyinyue - Internet Streaming Light Music Broadcast
Beijing foreign language Radio - Internet Streaming/AM 774 kHz Foreign Broadcast
DAB - Internet Streaming DAB Broadcast
Qingmeng - Internet Streaming Blue Network Broadcast
Beijing City Radio - Internet Streaming/FM 107.3 MHz Beijing Public Service Radio
Beijing Wenyi Guangbo - Internet Streaming/FM 87.6 MHz Beijing Joy FM
Beijing Metro Radio/FM 94.5 MHz Metro Radio


Source: pinyin translated by Cozy Website

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