Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.
Traded as SZSE: 000959
Industry Steel manufacturing
Founded 1999
Founder Shougang Corporation
Headquarters Beijing, China
Area served
Key people
Jin Wei (chairman)
Revenue Decrease CN¥17.8 billion (2015)
Decrease (CN¥1.6 billion) (2015)
Decrease (CN¥1.1 billion) (2015)
Total assets Increase CN¥66.5 billion (2015)
Total equity Decrease CN¥23.3 billion (2015)
Parent Shougang Corporation
Subsidiaries Jingtang United Iron & Steel (51%)
Footnotes / references
in a consolidated basis[1]
Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd.
Simplified Chinese 北京首钢股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese 北京首鋼股份有限公司
Literal meaning Beijing Shougang Company Limited by Shares
Simplified Chinese 首钢股份
Traditional Chinese 首鋼股份
Literal meaning Shougang Share

Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shougang Corporation (Shougang Group). The shares of Shougang Ltd. float in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Shougang was a constituent of SZSE 1000 Index (as well as sub-index SZSE 700 Index) but not in SZSE Component Index, making the company was ranked between the 501st to 1,000th by free float adjusted market capitalization.

Business overview[edit]

The company operated Shougang Group's first steel plant in Shijingshan District. The plant closed in 2009.[2] On 23 April 2015 Beijing Shougang Limited acquired 51% stake of "Jingtang United Iron and Steel" from the parent company, a steel plant in Caofeidian District, Tangshan, Hebei Province, for 9.718 billion RMB cash, plus the 100% stake of a division in Guizhou Province. (Chinese: 贵州首钢产业投资有限公司)

Jingtang United Iron and Steel[edit]

Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 首钢京唐钢铁联合有限责任公司) was a joint venture between Shougang Group (51%) and Tangsteel Group (49%). The steel plant was built on modern technology as well as acquiring equipment from overseas, such as from Siemens.[3] It was mentioned in the 11th Five-year plan.[4] In 2010 Tangsteel Group sold the minority interests to Shougang Group. After a net loss of 3.65 billion RMB and 1.76 billion RMB in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the company made a net profit of 124 million RMB in 2014.[5]

In 2015 51% stake of the steel plant was injected to Shougang Group's listed subsidiary Beijing Shougang Co., Ltd., which the subsidiary paid the parent company mostly in cash. Shougang Group retained 49% stake directly.

Equity investments[edit]

As of 31 December 2016


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