Beijing Sport University

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Beijing Sport University
Type Public/National
Established 1953
Affiliation General Administration of Sport of China
Academic staff
Students 14,000
Location Beijing
Campus Urban

Beijing Sport University (BSU) (Chinese: 北京体育大学), formerly known as "Central Institute of Physical Education" (中央体育学院) and "Beijing Institute of Physical Education" (北京体育学院), is a nation-level public university located in Beijing, China. It is one of the National Key Universities and also a Project 211 University under direct leadership of the General Administration of Sport of China. Beijing Sport University is consistently ranked as the top institute for sport studies in China and enjoys prestigious reputation both at home and abroad.[1] In 2015, Beijing Sport University was ranked as an "elite university" with 6-star status by the CUAA.[2]

BSU was founded in 1953 as the Central Institute of Physical Education (中央体育学院). In 1960, the university was one among the first batch of key national universities designated by the State Council.[3] Situated on the No. 48, Xinxi Road, Haidian District of Beijing, BSU covers a total area of around 1,400 acres, with a total construction area of approximately 600 thousand square meters. BSU has a faculty of 1,027 with a current enrollment of over 14,000 students, among whom there are 8,265 undergraduates and 2,255 postgraduates. Beijing Sport University is the only university in China that has the Category I discipline of sport science (a national key discipline) and is also world-renowned for its capacity of cultivating elite athletes. By 2015, BSU teachers and students had collectively won 73 gold medals in the Olympic Games.[4]

BSU currently consists of eight schools and five departments: Graduate School, College of Physical Education, College of Sport Coaching, College of Wushu (Martial Arts), College of Management, College of Sport Science, College of Continuing Education, College of International Education, Sport Journalism & Communication Department, Foreign Languages Department, Sport and Arts Department, Sport Rehabilitation Department, and Community Sport Department. It has two top-level sport schools affiliated with it: the Sport High School and Secondary Technical School for Sport, plus three centers and two sections: Modern Education Technology Center, Sport Science Research Center, Teaching Laboratory Center, Teaching and Research Section for Ideological and Political Theory, and the Periodical Section (Journal of Beijing Sport University). In addition, the Training Center of General Administration of Sport of China, the Coach Academy of General Administration of Sport of China, and the Center for Sport Ethics and Anti-Corruption Studies of China are also located on campus.

The University is home to four national key academic disciplines, fourteen other key majors, five key laboratories at the provincial and ministerial level, one national key research center for sport sociology and humanities, and a Beijing higher education research center at the provincial and ministerial level. The University offers fourteen undergraduate programs in the areas of physical education, sport coaching, community sport, sport science, traditional Chinese sport, public affairs management, sport and industry management, journalism, advertisement, applied psychology, English, performance, dance performance, sport rehabilitation and leisure sport.

BSU has also provided a key platform for student-staff exchanges and distance education between China and the world and has established academic exchange relationships with about 79 universities from 34 countries and regions.


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