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The Beijing Tigers (Chinese: 北京猛虎; pinyin: Běijĩng měnghǔ) is one of the four charter teams in the China Baseball League. The Tigers played at the 5,000-capacity Beijing Fengtai Baseball Field until 2006, when the stadium was destroyed and rebuilt as the Fengtai Softball Field. Their stadium for the 2006 season was relocated to Lucheng, a rural area to the south of Beijing.

The Tigers enjoy the distinction of being one of the oldest baseball teams in China, with its history spanning well before the Cultural Revolution.


The Beijing Tigers are the most successful team in the CBL, having won three CBL World Series in 2003, 2004, and 2005.[1] Nine of the Beijing Tigers, including the hitting coach, were part of the Chinese National Team in the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

Their biggest rival is the Tianjin Lions, who beat the Guangdong Dragons to win the 2006 Championship Series. The Tigers did not make the playoffs, due to a roster replete with injuries and early retirements.

Roster (2005)[edit]

The opening day lineup for the 2005 Tigers was:


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