Beijing Yinyue Tai

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Beijing Yinyue Tai
Broadcast areaBeijing
BrandingBeijing Music Radio
Beijing Yinyue Guangbo
Frequency97.4 (mHz)
Callsign meaning"Yinyue" means music
OwnerBeijing Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai

Beijing Yinyue Tai, but commonly called "Beijing Yinyue Guangbo" by the radio announcer with Chinese "北京音乐广播", is also known in English as "Beijing Music Radio" at 97.4 FM in Beijing, China. Since the broadcast is done in Mandarin Chinese, the English moniker "Beijing Music Radio" is only referred to on the hour for station identification.

The radio station is one of the radio stations under the Beijing Ren Min Guangbo Dian Tai group.

Music played[edit]

Beijing Yinyue Guangbo plays various types of music including:

They also have news on every hour that is from Beijing Xinwen Guangbo radio station.

Special programs[edit]

Mid Autumn and Spring Festival programming[edit]

On occasion, Beijing Yinyue Guangbo will broadcast live concerts around the Mid Autumn Festival and Spring Festival. The live concerts would pre-empt programs that are broadcast during the week at any other time.

Interviews with famous artists[edit]

On the weekends especially during the evenings, this station frequently broadcasts pre-recorded or live interviews with artists.

"Top 40" Countdown[edit]

The "top 40" countdown, the Chinese title uses the English phrase, is a countdown of current Mandarin pop songs. This program occurs Saturday and Sunday nights (Beijing Time) and plays the most popular 40 songs in China for that week. This program does not include any English or Cantonese top 40 songs even though the station does occasionally play them during other times of the day.

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