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Beijing Youth Daily
Cover of Beijing Youth Daily on 16 August 2013
TypeDaily newspaper
Editor-in-chiefYu Haibo (余海波)
FoundedMarch 21, 1949 (1949-03-21)
LanguageChinese (simplified)
Circulation650,000 (2000)

The Beijing Youth Daily (Chinese: 北京青年报; pinyin: běijìng qīngnián bào) is the official newspaper of the Communist Youth League committee in Beijing. It was established in March 1949, and is now published by the Beijing Youth Daily Publishing Company. It is Beijing's most widely circulated metropolitan newspaper.[citation needed]

Beijing Youth Daily has halted production three times in its history. It has been published since 1981.

It is assigned the Chinese Issue Number (Chinese: 统一刊号; pinyin: tǒngyī kānhào) CN11-0103.


The daily typically publishes about 50 broadsheet pages per day. In addition to its flagship Beijing Youth Daily, the media group publishes nine other newspapers:

  • Legal Evening News (Chinese: 《法制晚报》; pinyin: fǎzhì wǎnbào)
  • First Financial Daily (Chinese: 《第一财经日报》; pinyin: dìyī cáijīng rìbào)
  • Hebei Youth Daily (Chinese: 《河北青年报》; pinyin: héběi qīngnián bào)
  • Beijing Science and Technology News (Chinese: 《北京科技报》; pinyin: běijīng kējì bào)
  • Youth Weekend (Chinese: 《青年周末》; pinyin: qīngnián zhōumò)
  • Beijing Today (Chinese: 《今日北京》; pinyin: jīnrì běijīng)
  • Middle School Times (Chinese: 《中学时事报》; pinyin: zhōngxué shíshì bào)
  • Beijing Children's Daily (Chinese: 《北京少年报》; pinyin: běijīng shàonián bào)
  • Top Horizon (Chinese: 《TOP时空》; pinyin: TOP shíkōng)
  • Beijing Youth Weekly (Chinese: 《北京青年周刊》; pinyin: běijīng qīngnián zhōukān)

As well as four magazines:

  • CéCi Sisters (Chinese: 《CéCi姐妹》; pinyin: céci jiěmèi)
  • Casual Fashion (Chinese: 《休闲时尚》; pinyin: xiūxián shíshàng)
  • News Mirror (Chinese: 《时事魔镜》; pinyin: shíshì mójìng)
  • Campus Report 39.2° (Chinese: 《校园报告39度2》; pinyin: xiàoyuán bàogào jiǔshí dù èr)


On December 22, 2004, Beijing Media Corporation, Ltd, under Beijing Youth Daily Holdings, listed its H-shares in Hong Kong, becoming the first Chinese mainland media group to be publicly traded overseas.

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