Beinan Cultural Park

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Beinan Cultural Park
Dulan Stone Wall - 4.JPG
LocationTaitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan
Coordinates22°47′39.3″N 121°06′59.2″E / 22.794250°N 121.116444°E / 22.794250; 121.116444Coordinates: 22°47′39.3″N 121°06′59.2″E / 22.794250°N 121.116444°E / 22.794250; 121.116444
TypeArchaeological site
Area10,000 m2
Site notes
Public accessTaitung Station
Excavation of the Beinan site

Beinan Cultural Park (Chinese: 卑南文化公園; pinyin: Pēinán Wénhuà Gōngyuán) is an archaeological site at Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan. The park is the site for the largest and most complete prehistoric settlement ever discovered in Taiwan with over 10,000 m2 and more than 1,600 burial sites.[1]


This historic settlement area was discovered during the construction work of the back part of Taitung Station in 1980 when graveyard containing several thousand slate coffins was unearthed, with some bodies still laid within. Around 20,000 pieces of jade, pottery and stone tools were also found. This had caught the attention of the government to carry out archaeological work and build a national museum to preserve the artifacts. The park was officially opened in 1997.[2]


The park consists of and archaeological site for visitors and a museum called the National Museum of Prehistory nearby the park area which was opened in 2002.


The park is accessible West from Taitung Station of the Taiwan Railways Administration.[3]

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