Beinn Dearg Mòr

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Beinn Dearg Mòr
Beinn Dearg Mor.JPG
Beinn Dearg Mor from Sail Liath, August 2009
Highest point
Elevation906.3 m (2,973 ft)
Prominence568 m (1,864 ft)
ListingCorbett, Marilyn
Coordinates57°45′56″N 5°18′36″W / 57.7655°N 5.3099°W / 57.7655; -5.3099Coordinates: 57°45′56″N 5°18′36″W / 57.7655°N 5.3099°W / 57.7655; -5.3099
English translationBig red mountain
Language of nameGaelic
PronunciationScottish Gaelic: [ˈpeiɲ ˈtʲɛɾɛk moːɾ]
LocationDundonnell and Fisherfield Forest, Scotland
OS gridNH03217993
Topo mapOS Landranger 19

Beinn Dearg Mòr is a peak in the Dundonnell and Fisherfield Forest of the Northwest Highlands in Scotland. It rises to an elevation of 906 metres (2,972 ft) above sea level.

Beinn Dearg Mòr was marked on Ordnance Survey maps with an elevation of 910m. The Munro Society used GPS devices for a height survey of the mountain in 2011, along with the adjacent Ruadh Stac Mòr and Beinn a' Chlaidheimh. Beinn Dearg Mòr was measured as a summit height of 906.28m +/-0.08m, so retains its classification as a Corbett.[1]


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