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Coordinates: 24°39′50″N 121°4′5″E / 24.66389°N 121.06806°E / 24.66389; 121.06806

Not to be confused with Beipu in Xincheng, Hualien.
Beipu Township in Hsinchu County
Beipu Township

Beipu Township (Chinese: 北埔鄉; pinyin: Běipǔ Xiāng; Hakka: Pet-phû-hiông) is a rural township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. Beipu is well known in Taiwan as a center of Hakka culture, especially for production of dongfang meiren tea and its special Hakkanese blends of tea and nuts called lēichá (擂茶).


The town was the scene of the 1907 Beipu Uprising against the Japanese occupation of Taiwan when insurgents of both Hakka and indigenous Saisiyat extraction attacked Japanese officials and their families. In retaliation, Japanese military and police killed more than 100 Hakka people, the majority of whom were young men from Neidaping (內大坪), a small village in the mountainous southern part of the township.[1]


As of 2014, Beipu had a population of 9,784, of whom 98 percent were Hakka.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Beipu Village
  • Nanxing Village
  • Dahu Village
  • Puwei Village
  • Shuiji Village
  • Nanpu Village
  • Dalin Village
  • Nankeng Village
  • Waiping Village[3]

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