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View of the fjord
Location Narvik, Nordland
Coordinates 68°25′29″N 17°23′44″E / 68.4246°N 17.3956°E / 68.4246; 17.3956Coordinates: 68°25′29″N 17°23′44″E / 68.4246°N 17.3956°E / 68.4246; 17.3956
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 11.5 kilometres (7.1 mi)
Max. width 1 to 2 kilometres (0.62 to 1.24 mi)
Max. depth 44 metres (144 ft)
Settlements Ankenes, Beisfjord, Narvik

Beisfjorden (Northern Sami: Ušmá) is a fjord in the municipality of Narvik in Nordland county, Norway. It is a fjord arm that branches off of the Ofotfjorden, on the south side of the city of Narvik. The Beisfjord Bridge on the European route E06 highway crosses the fjord between Ankenes and Narvik. The village of Beisfjord is located at the end of the 11.5-kilometre (7.1 mi) long fjord. The maximum depth of the fjord reaches 44 metres (144 ft) below sea level.[1]

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