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For the ancient Sephardic and Yemenite yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem well known for the study of Kabbalah, see Beit El Synagogue

The Beit El Yeshiva (Hebrew: ישיבת בית אל‎‎) is a Religious Zionist yeshiva situated in the Israeli settlement of Beit El, a community in the Binyamin region near Ramallah in the Israeli-controlled Area C of the West Bank.


The Yeshiva was founded in late 1977 by a group of students from the Mercaz haRav yeshiva in Jerusalem. The students originally lived on a nearby army base, but today the yeshiva has its own premises, and over 250 students enrolled. The rosh yeshiva (dean) is Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed.

Media organisations[edit]

Arutz Sheva-Israel National News has been founded and is maintained by the Beit El Yeshiva.[1] The Beit El Yeshiva also founded, a large Jewish website.[citation needed]

Other educational institutions[edit]

The Beit El Yeshiva Center also includes:

  • A yeshiva (religious studies) high school for boys (junior and senior yeshiva high school), Yeshivat Bnei Zvi,[2] also known as Bnei Zvi Yeshiva Ketana (pre-yeshiva high school; ketana stands for "small")[3]
  • An ulpana (religious studies) high school for girls, Ulpanat Ra'aya[2]
  • An ulpana high school for girls "with a wide variety of studies", Tal Ra'aya[2]
  • A mechina pre-military program for young men[3]


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