Beit HaGadi

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Beit HaGadi
בֵּית הַגָּדִי
Beith Hagadi new neighborhood.jpg
Beit HaGadi is located in Israel
Beit HaGadi
Beit HaGadi
Coordinates: 31°25′28.19″N 34°36′22.32″E / 31.4244972°N 34.6062000°E / 31.4244972; 34.6062000Coordinates: 31°25′28.19″N 34°36′22.32″E / 31.4244972°N 34.6062000°E / 31.4244972; 34.6062000
District Southern
Council Sdot Negev
Affiliation Hapoel HaMizrachi
Founded 1951
Founded by Hungarian and Romanian Jews
Population (2015)[1] 730

Beit HaGadi (Hebrew: בֵּית הַגָּדִי‎, lit. House of the Gad) is a religious moshav in southern Israel. Located near Netivot and the Gaza Strip, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sdot Negev Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 730.[1]


The village was established in 1951, and was initially named Beit HaGide'a. The founders were demobilised IDF soldiers who were members of Netiv BeMoledet organisation and Hapoel HaMizrachi. They were immigrants from Hungary and Romania, and had previously worked in Rishon LeZion.

Its name is taken from the Tribe of Gad, which lived in the area in biblical times, and the Bedouin village of Bit Hajadaa that appears on the Madaba Map.


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