Beit Lahia, Lebanon

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Beit Lahia

بيت لهيا
Beit Lahia is located in Lebanon
Beit Lahia
Beit Lahia
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°29′0″N 35°48′7″E / 33.48333°N 35.80194°E / 33.48333; 35.80194Coordinates: 33°29′0″N 35°48′7″E / 33.48333°N 35.80194°E / 33.48333; 35.80194
Country Lebanon
GovernorateBeqaa Governorate
DistrictRashaya District

Beit Lahia (or Beit Lahya) (Arabic: بيت لهيا‎) is a village situated in the Rashaya District and south of the Beqaa Governorate in Lebanon.[1] It is located near Mount Hermon and the Syrian border, not far from Rashaya, Aaiha and Kfar Qouq.

The village sits about 955 metres (3,133 ft) above sea level and comprises an area of 392 hectares (3.92 km2).[2]


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