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Beit Lessin Theater (Hebrew: תיאטרון בית ליסין‎, translit: Teatron Beit Lessin) is a theater in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Established in 1978 by Yaakov Agmon for the Histadrut,[1] the theater resided in Lessin House until moving to the old residence of the Cameri Theater in 2003.

Over the years the theater has shown over a thousand contemporary American and European plays, as well as original productions. In 1993, Zipi Pines started managing the theater. It was separated from the Histadrut and started showing mostly original Israeli material reflecting the political and social situation in Israel.

Beit Lessin Theater is considered one of the leading theaters in Israel and is known for pleasing the audience. Its critics say this comes at the expense of the quality of plays, but Pines says this is due to low funding that doesn't allow the production of experimental material.

The theater has 30,000 subscription holders. In 2005 it had 780,000 viewers.

In 2003, the theater moved from Lessin House to the old residence of the Cameri Theater after it was remodeled. This venue having more seats allowed larger and more expensive plays to be produced, such as Chicago and Guys and Dolls.

The theater also has shows at ZOA House, Zavta Theater, Eretz Israel Museum and various other places around the country.

The theater's original production "Mikveh" won the Israeli Theater Prize in 2005.


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