HaSharon Junction

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A monument commemorating the victims of the Beit Lid suicide bombing at the junction.

The HaSharon Junction (Hebrew: צומת השרון‎), commonly known as Beit Lid Junction (Hebrew: צומת בית ליד‎), is an important road junction in the Sharon region of Israel. It intersects Highway 4 and Highway 57. The junction serves as a large transportation hub for dozens of Egged and Nativ Express buses.

On the southwest corner of the junction is Ashmoret Prison, a civilian jail.

The junction was the scene of the Beit Lid suicide bombing, a 1995 attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


The following buses stop at the Beit Lid Junction. The junction itself does not have routes using it as a starting or ending station.


Line Route
641 Tel Aviv CBS - Netanya CBS
821 Afula CBS - Tel Aviv CBS
823 Tel Aviv CBS - Nazareth Illit
921 Tel Aviv CBS - Haifa Hof HaCarmel CBS (both directions)
947 Haifa Hof HaCarmel CBS - Jerusalem CBS

Nativ Express[edit]

Line Route Via
35 Netanya CBS - Netanya CBS Kfar Yona

Coordinates: 32°19′24.7″N 34°54′14.3″E / 32.323528°N 34.903972°E / 32.323528; 34.903972