Beit Hanan attack

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Beit Oved attack
The attack site is located in Israel
The attack site
The attack site
Location Beit Hanan, Israel
Date August 29, 1955
Attack type
Shooting attack
Deaths 4 Israeli civilians
Non-fatal injuries
10 Israeli civilians
Perpetrators Palestinian Fedayeen squad

On August 29, 1955, a Palestinian Fedayeen squad carried out a shooting attack in Israel near the village Beit Hanan. Four Israeli civilians were killed in the attack and 10 additional people were injured.

The attack[edit]

On Monday night, 19 August 1955, a Palestinian Fedayeen squad infiltrated into Israel from Egypt. The militants reached the orchards of Beit Hanan, about 12 to 15 miles north of the Gaza Strip where they shot and stabbed to death a group of Israeli civilian laborers whom were working in the fields, killing four and injuring ten.


Israeli retaliation[edit]


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