Beit Rimon

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Beit Rimon
בֵּית רִמּוֹן, בית רימון
Beit Rimon is located in Israel
Beit Rimon
Beit Rimon
Coordinates: 32°46′55″N 35°19′47″E / 32.78194°N 35.32972°E / 32.78194; 35.32972Coordinates: 32°46′55″N 35°19′47″E / 32.78194°N 35.32972°E / 32.78194; 35.32972
District Northern
Council Lower Galilee
Affiliation Religious Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1977
Founded by Nahal
Population (2015) 623[1]

Beit Rimon (Hebrew: בֵּית רִמּוֹן‎, lit. House of the Pomegranate) is a religious kibbutz in Israel. Located in the Lower Galilee on a ridge of mount Toraan at a height of 400 meters above sea level, it falls under the jurisdiction of Lower Galilee Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 623.[1]


It is named after the Biblical Rimon in the Tribe of Zebulun (Joshua 19:13), which "is identified with er-Rumane" at today's Arab village of Rumana, 2 km to the west.[2]


Beit Rimmon was first settled in 1977 as a Nahal settlement and later became a civilian-inhabited village in 1979. Some residents live in the kibbutz, others in private houses in the communal neighborhood and others renting houses in the kibbutz.

The main economic branches of the kibbutz include a dairy herd owned in partnership with the Gesher and Ashdot Yaakov kibbutzim, a chicken coop and a company which imports and markets work tools.

The kibbutz also houses a pre-military school otherwise known as a mechina.


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