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Sokolov's House's entrance
An old printing press machine being exhibited in the entrance of the Journalistic Center

Beit HaItona'im Al Shem Sokolov BeTel Aviv–Yafo (Hebrew: בית העיתונאים על שם סוקולוב בתל־אביב יפו‎, lit. Journalist's House in memory of Sokolov in Tel Aviv – Jaffa, or in short Beit Sokolov, lit. Sokolov House), is the building that houses the Israeli Journalists Association, and serves as a center of Israeli journalistic activity during routine days and especially at times that require broad media coverage, such as during war or other dramatic events. The building is also used as a conference hall and an art exhibition gallery for temporary art exhibitions. The building is located between the "Beit Hasofer" ("Writer's house") and the Jewish Agency for Israel nearby.

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