Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa

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Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic بيت الروش الفوقا
Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa is located in the Palestinian territories
Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa
Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa
Location of Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa within the Palestinian territories
Coordinates: 31°27′07″N 34°55′34″E / 31.45194°N 34.92611°E / 31.45194; 34.92611Coordinates: 31°27′07″N 34°55′34″E / 31.45194°N 34.92611°E / 31.45194; 34.92611
Palestine grid 144/95
Governorate Hebron
 • Type Village council
Population (2007)
 • Jurisdiction 979
Name meaning The house of er Rush; personal name[1]

Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa (Arabic: بيت الروش الفوقا‎‎) is a Palestinian village located eighteen kilometers southwest of Hebron.The village is in the Hebron Governorate Southern West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the village had a population of 979 in 2007.[2]


Al-Dimashqi (d.1327) noted one area called Bait-ras in Palestine, and A. F. Mehren thought its description matched the location of the Beit er-Rush of Robinson.[3]

Ottoman era[edit]

In 1838, a Beit er-Rush was noted by Robinson as a place "in ruins or deserted," part of the area between the mountains and Gaza, but subject to the government of el-Khulil.[4][5]

In 1863, Victor Guérin noted about the ruins here: ”These ruins consist of a large number of heaps of irregular materials. Each of these heaps surrounds a cave hollowed in the rock, into which there is a descent of steps, or by an incline. These subterranean dwellings formed the basement of one-storied houses which stood above them. These have been pulled down and put up again several times, while the cellars are just the same as when they were cut in the rock."[6]

In 1883, the Palestine Exploration Fund's Survey of Western Palestine noted here: ”Traces of ruins on a mound.”[7]

British Mandate era[edit]

At the time of the 1931 census of Palestine the population of the village, called Kh. Beit er Rush al Ulya, was counted under Dura.[8]

Modern era[edit]

In the wake of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, and after the 1949 Armistice Agreements, Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa came under Jordanian rule.

After the Six-Day War, Beit ar-Rush al-Fauqa has been under Israeli occupation.


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