Beiteddine Palace Museum

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Beiteddine Palace Museum
Beiteddine - canard.jpg
Duck mosaic
LocationBeiteddine Palace, Beiteddine,  Lebanon
Coordinates33°24′53″N 35°20′41″E / 33.414639°N 35.344776°E / 33.414639; 35.344776

The Beiteddine Palace Museum is installed in the old stables, which once housed riders and horses of the Beiteddine Palace in Beiteddine, Lebanon. The museum displays a significant collection of Byzantine mosaics. The majority of them come from the site of the coastal city of Jieh, the ancient Porphyreon. The Byzantine-Greek inscriptions appearing on the mosaics date them back to the 5th and 6th centuries A.D. Further mosaics from different Lebanese sites are displayed in the adjacent palace gardens.[1]