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Label of a Beka Record
Slawoma - Der neueste Tanz (Slavoma) by Engelbert Zaschka. Saxophon-Orchester Dobbri of Berlin, 1925

Beka Records was a record label based in Germany, active from about 1903 to 1925. Before World War I, Beka also made gramophone records for the United Kingdom market under the Beka-Grand Records label. The company became a subsidiary of the Carl Lindström Company which was sold to the Columbia Graphophone Company in 1926.

Artists on the label included Miss Riboet, Kapelle Merton, the Dobbri Saxophone Orchestra, the Martina Salon Orchestra, Cook & Carpenter, Jessie Broughton, Bert Alvey, Phillip Ritte, the Meister Orchestra, the Royal Cowes Minstrels, Albertina Cassani, the Beka London Orchestra, Gerhard Ebeler, Lucia Cavalli and Kappelle Willy Krug.

A history of Beka records, together with a listing of known records issued by the label, is published by the CLPGS as part of their Reference Series of books.

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