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Town & District Capital
Country Ghana
Region Ashanti
DistrictBekwai Municipal
 • Total7,267[1]
 Ranked 79th in Ghana
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)GMT

Bekwai is a town and the capital of the Bekwai Municipal, a municipal in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.[2] Bekwai is the seventy-ninth most populous settlement in Ghana, with a population of 7,267 people.[1] Bekwai and the Bekwai Municipal are south of the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi, north of Obuasi.


There are 37 public payphones from a total of 5,000 telephone lines that are installed throughout the Bekwai Municipal District. Also, a post office has been established.

Healthcare and sanitation[edit]

There is also the state Bekwai Hospital. Bekwai is one of six municipalities in the Bekwai Municipal District in which tap water is generally available.


Seventh Day Adventist Secondary School wesley High Senior Secondary School [[College Of Accountancy St. John Senior High School

Train station[edit]

In Bekwai there is a train station.

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