Bel-Air (Paris Métro)

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Paris Métro
Paris Métro station
Bel-Air métro Q03.jpg
Location12th arrondissement of Paris
Coordinates48°50′29″N 2°24′03″E / 48.841344°N 2.400912°E / 48.841344; 2.400912Coordinates: 48°50′29″N 2°24′03″E / 48.841344°N 2.400912°E / 48.841344; 2.400912
Owned byRATP
Operated byRATP
Other information
Fare zone1
Opened1 March 1909 (1909-03)
Preceding station   Paris Métro   Following station
Paris Métro Paris Métro Line 6
toward Nation
Bel-Air is located in Paris
Location within Paris

Bel-Air (French pronunciation: ​[bɛl ɛːʁ]) is a station on line 6 of the Paris Métro in the 12th arrondissement. The station is located in the Boulevard de Picpus, between the districts of Picpus and Bel-Air.

The station is in the open air at ground level, but the lines are underground to the north and to the south: the trains ascend to the surface before the station to descend when leaving it. This layout was required to clear the railway that connected the former station of Paris Bastille (near Bastille station) to the valley of the Marne, via the former station of Reuilly near Bel-Air. This line was diverted to become part of RER line A in 1969. The single entrance to the station leads to the back of trains from Nation, and to the front of trains from Charles de Gaulle - Étoile.


The station was opened on 1 March 1909 with the extension of the line from Place d'Italie to Nation. The station was closed during World War II and remained closed for a prolonged period, not reopening until January 7, 1963. It is named after the Bel-Air district.

Places of interest[edit]

A view of the Promenade Plantée, looking west

The old railway to Paris Bastille has been converted since the 1990s into the Promenade Plantée — a 4.5 km long elevated garden connecting to the Bastille to the Porte de Saint-Mandé. Cycling and rollerskating is allowed on this section.

The Rothschild Hospital is in the immediate vicinity and the Armand Trousseau Hospital for children is further off.


Station layout[edit]

Street Level
B1 Mezzanine for platform connection
Platform level Side platform, doors will open on the right
toward Charles de Gaulle – Étoile Metro-M.svg Paris m 6 jms.svg toward Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (Daumesnil)
toward Nation Metro-M.svg Paris m 6 jms.svg toward Nation (Picpus)
Side platform, doors will open on the right


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