Bela Crkva, Krivogaštani

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Bela Crkva
Бела Црква
Country Republic of Macedonia
Municipality Krivogaštani
Elevation 572 m (1,877 ft)
Population (2002)
 • Total 498
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Area code(s) +38948

Bela Crkva (Macedonian Cyrillic: Бела Црква; meaning White Church) is a village in the Municipality of Krivogaštani, Prilep Oblast, Republic of Macedonia. It is situated along the main road between Krivogaštani and Demir Hisar, and has a population consisting of Macedonians, Turks, and Albanians. The number of inhabitants according to the 2002 national census was 498.

Bela Crkva is divided into Dolna Bela Crkva (Долна Бела Црква) and Gorna Bela Crkva (Горна Бела Црква). The Word Dolna translates to Lower, and this region is inhabited primarily by Macedonians. Gorna translates to Upper, and in this part live mainly Turks and Albanians.

Coordinates: 41°16′51″N 21°20′43″E / 41.28083°N 21.34528°E / 41.28083; 21.34528