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Belaid Abdessalam (Arabic: بلعيد عبد السلام‎‎) (born 20 July 1928) is an Algerian politician, who served as prime minister.

Early life[edit]

Abdessalam was born in Dehemcha, near Sétif, Algeria on 20 July 1928.[1]


Abdessalam was a nationalist leader in the FLN during Algeria's struggle for independence from France. He was minister of industry and power under the military regime of Houari Boumedienne, and his name is closely connected with the former Algerian state policy of building a base of heavy industry through planned economy.

Abdessalam served as Prime Minister of Algeria from 8 July 1992 until 21 August 1993. During his tenure, the Algerian government intensified its conflicts with Islamist rebels, and because of this he eventually resigned.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Sid Ahmed Ghozali
Prime Minister of Algeria
Succeeded by
Redha Malek