Belarus–Latvia border

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The Belarus–Latvia border is of length 172.912 km (107.443 mi). In spans from the tripoint with Lithuania to the tripoint with Russia.[1]

The current border between the republics of Belarus (CIS member) and Latvia (EU member) was established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and confirmed by an agreement of February 21, 1994 about the establishment of the border,[1] finalized on April 10, 2013 in the agreement about the functioning of the border.[2]

For about 16.6 km (10.3 mi), the border runs along the Daugava River. It also crosses the Lake Rychy and an island in the lake.

Border crossings[edit]

The May 10, 2006 decree of the President of Belarus no. 313 established the following border crossings.[3]

# Name (Belarus — Latvia) Crossing type
1 Bihosava (Бігосава) — Indra railroad
2 Hryharowshchyna (Грыгароўшчына) — Paternieki[4] highway
3 Urbany (Урбаны) — Silene[5] highway
4 Hawrylina (Гаўрыліна) — Meikšāni simplified crossing
5 Druya (Друя) — Piedruja simplified crossing
6 Lipawka (Ліпаўка) — Vorzova simplified crossing
7 Plyusy (Плюсы) — Kaplava simplified crossing