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Flag of Belarus.svg
Captain Eduard Dubrou
ITF ranking
Current ranking 8 Steady (14 November 2016)
First international
World Group
Appearances 1 (0–1)
Player stats
Most total wins Tatiana Poutchek (37–15)
Most singles wins Natalia Zvereva (24–7)
Most doubles wins Tatiana Poutchek (28–7)
Best doubles team Darya Kustova /
Tatiana Poutchek (7–0)
Most ties played Tatiana Poutchek (45)
Most years played Tatiana Poutchek (15)

The Belarus Fed Cup team represents Belarus in Fed Cup tennis competition and are governed by the Belarus Tennis Association. They currently compete in the World Group.

Current team[edit]

Most recent year-end rankings are used.

Name Born First Last Ties Win/Loss Ranks[1][2]
Year Tie Sin Dou Tot Sin Dou
Azarenka, VictoriaVictoria Azarenka (1989-07-31)July 31, 1989 2005 2016  Russia 19 16–4 5–1 21–5 22 433
Govortsova, OlgaOlga Govortsova (1988-08-23)August 23, 1988 2008 2017  Netherlands 30 20–10 5–2 25–12 69 364
Kremen, IlonaIlona Kremen (1994-01-18)January 18, 1994 2013 2014  Bulgaria 7 2–2 2–1 4–3 666 328
Lapko, VeraVera Lapko (1998-09-29)September 29, 1998 2015 2017  Netherlands 4 0–0 3–0 3–0 590 703
Sabalenka, ArynaAryna Sabalenka (1998-05-04)May 4, 1998 2016 2017  Netherlands 2 0–0 0–1 0–1 548 851
Sasnovich, AliaksandraAliaksandra Sasnovich (1994-03-22)March 22, 1994 2012 2017  Netherlands 15 9–7 5–2 14–9 103 329
Shymanovich, IrynaIryna Shymanovich (1997-06-30)June 30, 1997 2014 2014  Bulgaria 3 0–0 2–1 2–1 534 468


1994–1999: Early success[edit]

Prior to 1993, Belarusian players competed for the Soviet Union. Belarus competed in its first Fed Cup as an independent nation in 1994, when they achieved their best result by reaching the World Group 1st Round. For the next three years, the team competed exclusively in the Europe/Africa Zonal Group I. In 1999, Belarus defeated Venezuela to reach World Group II. After spending one year at that level, the team was then relegated to Europe/Africa Zonal Group I once again.

2000–2010: Competition at the zonal level[edit]

Belarus spent another four years at the Europe Arica Zonal Group I before reaching a World Group Play-off in 2004, where they lost to Slovakia in what was their last opportunity for promotion from the zonal level until 2011.

2011–2016: Resurgence and promotion to World Group[edit]

With the help of four players ranked in the WTA top-200 at the end of 2010,[3] Belarus defeated Estonia to return to World Group II, before immediately suffering back-to-back losses to the United States and Switzerland and being once again relegated to Europe/Africa Zonal Group I play. After several years competing at that level, the team was promoted to World Group II by defeating Japan in 2015.

Despite the absence of their top player, Victoria Azarenka, Belarus defeated Canada in their 2016 World Group II tie. This victory secured a spot in the 2016 World Group Play-offs, where they upset Russia 3–2. Belarus will compete in the 2017 Fed Cup World Group, which will be the highest level they have reached in Fed Cup play.


Year Team
1994 Natalia Zvereva Tatiana Ignatieva
1995 Natalia Zvereva Tatiana Ignatieva
1996 Natalia Zvereva Tatiana Ignatieva Olga Barabanschikova
1997 Natalia Zvereva Olga Barabanschikova
1998 Natalia Zvereva Olga Barabanschikova Nadejda Ostrovskaya
1999 Natalia Zvereva Olga Barabanschikova Tatiana Poutchek Nadejda Ostrovskaya
2000 Nadejda Ostrovskaya Olga Barabanschikova Tatiana Poutchek
2001 Tatiana Poutchek Olga Barabanschikova Nadejda Ostrovskaya Elena Yaryshka
2002 Tatiana Poutchek Nadejda Ostrovskaya Olga Barabanschikova Natalia Zvereva
2003 Tatiana Poutchek Olga Barabanschikova Nadejda Ostrovskaya Tatsiana Uvarova
2004 Tatiana Poutchek Tatsiana Uvarova Anastasia Yakimova Darya Kustova
2005 Tatiana Poutchek Ekaterina Dzehalevich Anastasia Yakimova Victoria Azarenka
2006 Anastasia Yakimova Victoria Azarenka Tatiana Poutchek Ekaterina Dzehalevich
2007 Victoria Azarenka Anastasia Yakimova Tatiana Poutchek Ksenia Milevskaya
2008 Olga Govortsova Tatiana Poutchek Darya Kustova Ima Bohush
2009 Victoria Azarenka Olga Govortsova Ekaterina Dzehalevich Tatiana Poutchek
2010 Victoria Azarenka Olga Govortsova Ekaterina Dzehalevich Tatiana Poutchek
2011 Victoria Azarenka Olga Govortsova Darya Kustova Tatiana Poutchek
2012 Victoria Azarenka Anastasia Yakimova Olga Govortsova Darya Kustova
Olga Govortsova Darya Kustova Aliaksandra Sasnovich Darya Lebesheva
2013 Ilona Kremen Aliaksandra Sasnovich Lidziya Marozava Ekaterina Dzehalevich
2014 Olga Govortsova Aliaksandra Sasnovich Ilona Kremen Iryna Shymanovich
2015 Victoria Azarenka Aliaksandra Sasnovich Olga Govortsova Vera Lapko
2016 Olga Govortsova Aliaksandra Sasnovich Vera Lapko Nika Shytkouskaya
Victoria Azarenka Olga Govortsova Aliaksandra Sasnovich Aryna Sabalenka


Only World Group, World Group Play-off, World Group II, and World Group II Play-off ties are included.


Year Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
1994 World Group, 1st Round 18–19 July Frankfurt (GER)  Netherlands 1–2 Lost
1998 World Group II, Play-off 25–26 July Minsk (BLR)  Venezuela 4–1 Won
1999 World Group II, Quarterfinal 17–18 April Minsk (BLR)  Czech Republic 1–4 Lost
World Group II, Round Robin 21 July Amsterdam (NED)  Slovenia 3–0 Won
World Group II, Round Robin 22 July Amsterdam (NED)  Netherlands 0–3 Lost
World Group II, Round Robin 23 July Amsterdam (NED)  Japan 2–0 Won


Year Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
2004 World Group II, Play-off 10–11 July Bratislava (SVK)  Slovakia 0–4 Lost


Year Competition Date Location Opponent Score Result
2011 World Group II, Play-off 16–17 April Minsk (BLR)  Estonia 5–0 Won
2012 World Group II, First Round 4–5 February Worcester (USA)  United States 0–5 Lost
World Group II, Play-off 21–22 April Yverdon-les-Bains (SUI)   Switzerland 1–4 Lost
2015 World Group II, Play-off 18–19 April Tokyo (JPN)  Japan 3–2 Won
2016 World Group II, 1st Round 6–7 February Quebec City (CAN)  Canada 3–2 Won
World Group, Play-off 16–17 April Moscow (RUS)  Russia 3-2 Won
2017 World Group, 1st Round 11–12 February Minsk (BLR)  Netherlands 4–1 Won
World Group, Semi-Finals 22-23 April Minsk (BLR)   Switzerland 4–1 Won
World Group, Finals 6 November USA/Czech Republic

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