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Belarusfilm Film Studios
Industry Motion pictures
Founded 1928
Headquarters Minsk, Belarus
Products Motion pictures

Belarusfilm (Belarusian: Беларусьфільм, Russian: Беларусьфильм) is the main film studio of Belarus.


Founded in 1928 [1] as the Soviet Belarus studio (Савецкая Беларусь) in Leningrad, the studio was moved to Minsk in 1939. Film production was interrupted by World War II, and restarted in 1946, when the studio assumed its current name.

In Soviet times, the studio was dubbed Partizanfilm, due to the large output of films portraying the Soviet partisan's struggle against Nazi occupation. The studio was, however, also renowned for its children's films.

The studio has to date made 131 animated films.[2] Its first project was a coproduction with Soyuzmultfilm in 1963; a stop motion feature film called Attention! The Magician is in the City!.[3] Consistent animated film production, however, did not begin until 1972.

Most of the output has been in Russian rather than Belarusian.

Belarusfilm is also a co-organizer of the Listapad film festival held in Minsk, Belarus in November.

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