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Belarusian Automobile Plant
Industry Automotive
Founded 1948
Headquarters Zhodzina, Belarus
Area served
Key people
Piotr Parkhomchyk
Products Dump trucks
Heavy equipment
Goods wagons
Increase US$ 165 million (2011)
Mining dump truck BelAZ-7547
1971 USSR postage stamp depicting BelAZ 540

BelAZ (Russian: Белорусский автомобильный завод or БелАЗ, Belarusian: Беларускі аўтамабільны завод, Belarusian Automobile Plant, Romanized: Belaruski autamabilny zavod or (BelAZ) is a Belarusian manufacturer of haulage and earthmoving equipment based in Zhodzina. The factory opened its door in 1948 and has produced over 120,000 vehicles for use in the Soviet Union.

BELAZ is a site for one of the largest Commonwealth of Independent States investment project. The factory finalized two of the three scheduled phases of the technical re-equipment and upgrades. The Quality Management System applied in research and development, fabrication, erection and after-sale service of the equipment complies with international ISO 9000 standards.


  • In 1948, a peat extraction machinery plant was constructed by the railroad station Žodzina.
  • In 1951 the plant was expanded into the plant of road construction and land improvement machinery and renamed into "Dormash" (Дормаш), an abbreviation for "дорожное машиностроение", "road construction machinery building".
  • In 1958 it was renamed into BelAZ. Initially it produced MAZ trucks.
  • In 1961 the first 27-tonne BelAZ pit and quarry dump truck was manufactured.
  • In 1990 a 280-tonne truck was manufactured.
  • In 2001 the director of BelAZ plant, Pavel Maryev, was awarded the order Hero of Belarus.
  • In 2005 plans were revealed for production of BelAZ-75600 with 320 tonne (352,600 kg, or 352.6 tons) capacity, ordered by Kuzbass mining.
  • In 2006 the independent Mogilev Automobile Plant (MoAZ) was merged into BelAZ.
  • In fall of 2006 the first delivery of BelAZ-75600.[1]
  • In April 2012, BelAZ announced it would hold an IPO – the first in Belarus.[2]
  • In September 2013, BelAZ presented the first sample of mining dump truck BelAZ-75710, the world largest dump truck with 450 tons load capacity.[3]


BelAZ-548A (1967)

Discontinued models[edit]

Mining dump trucks[edit]

  • MAZ-525, 25 t (1958–1965)
  • BelAZ-540, 27 t (1965)
  • BelAZ-540A
  • BelAZ-540B, 45 t
  • BelAZ-548A, 40 t (1967)
  • BelAZ-548B, 65 t
  • BelAZ-549, 75–80 t (1969)
  • BelAZ-7519, 110–120 t (1977)
  • BelAZ-7521, 180 t (1979)
  • BelAZ-75211, 170–220 t (1983)
  • BelAZ-75214
  • BelAZ-7522
  • BelAZ-75303
  • BelAZ-75483

Current model range[edit]

Mining dump trucks[edit]

  • BelAZ-7540, 30 t
  • BelAZ-7545, 45 t
  • BelAZ-7547, 42–45 t
  • BelAZ-7555, 55–60 t (since 1994)
  • BelAZ-7557, 90 t
  • BelAZ-7513, 110–130 t (since 1996)
  • BelAZ-7517, 154–160 t
  • BelAZ-7530, 180–220 t
  • BelAZ-7531, 240 t
  • BelAZ-7560, 320–360 t
  • BelAZ-7558, 90 t
  • BelAZ-7571, 450 t (since 2013)

Note: New models[4] are highlighted in bold.

Construction & road-building vehicles[edit]

Other vehicles[edit]

  • MoAZ-75296, low-profile mining and tunneling concrete mixer truck
  • BelAZ-74212, aircraft tug

Other products[edit]

Sponsorship in football[edit]

See also[edit]

  • BelAZ-75600 - off-highway, ultra class haul trucks
  • BelAZ-75710 - the world's largest and heaviest dump truck.


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