Belarusian Canadians

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Belarusian Canadians
Беларусы Канады
Белорусские канадцы
Canadiens biélorusses
Belarus Canada
Total population
(15,565,[1] 0.04% of total population)
Regions with significant populations
Ontario and Quebec
Canadian English · Canadian French · Belarusian · Russian
Christianity · Judaism
Related ethnic groups
Russian Canadians · Polish Canadians · Ukrainian Canadians

Belarusian Canadians are Canadian citizens of Belarusian descent or Belarusian-born people residing in Canada. According to the 2011 Census there were 15,565 Canadians who claimed Belarusian ancestry.[2]

Vincent Žuk-Hryškievič estimated the number of Belarusians in Canada in late 1959 at about 40 thousands, with a majority of Russian Empire era Belarusian immigrants being listed as Russians or Poles because Belarusians were not present as a separate category in Canadian documents.[3]

Notable individuals[edit]


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