Belarusian Second League

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Belarusian Second League
Country  Belarus
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1992
Number of teams 24
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Belarusian First League
Current champions Baranovichi
2014 Belarusian Second League

The Belarusian Second League is the third division of professional football in Belarus. A strict number of teams is not set for the competition and every season it depends on how many teams are able to obtain a license or have an intention to apply for one. As of 2014, the league consists of 24 teams. At the end of the season three best teams will be promoted to Belarusian First League (as opposed to traditional two teams, due to expansion of Belarusian Premier League for 2015). The competition is organized by the Belarusian Football Federation.


Belarusian Second League was organized in 1992.

Second League in 2014[edit]


  • At the first stage 24 teams are split in two groups of 12 on regional basis. Teams will play twice (home and away) with each opponent from their group. Four best teams from each group qualify for Final Round, the rest of the teams will play in consolation round.
  • In the Final Round each team plays twice (home and away) against four teams from the other group. Six games against three teams qualified from the same group are carried over to Final Round. Three best teams will be promoted to Belarusian First League for 2015.
  • In the Consolation round teams that finished first stage at the equal positions are paired against each other. A5 plays against B5 for the overall 9th place and so on. Winners are decided by standard two-legged knockout rule.

Group A[edit]

Team Location Position in 2013
SKVICH Minsk 15 (First League)
Zhlobin Zhlobin 4
Orsha Orsha 6
Osipovichi Osipovichi 9
Luch Minsk 12
Vitebsk-2 Vitebsk 13
Rogachev Rogachev n/a
Spartak Shklov n/a
Vertikal Kalinkovichi n/a
Priozerye Verkhnedvinsk n/a
AK Zhdanovichi Minsk Raion n/a
Slavyanin Minsk n/a

Group B[edit]

Team Location Position in 2013
Neman Mosty 2
Baranovichi Baranovichi 5
Kobrin Kobrin 7
Livadiya Dzerzhinsk 8
Molodechno-2013 Molodechno 10
Partizan Minsk 11
Torpedo Minsk n/a
Krumkachy Minsk n/a
Belita-Viteks Uzda n/a
Kletsk Kletsk n/a
Kolos-Druzhba Baranovichi Raion n/a
UA-Stroy-Zhitkovichi Zhitkovichi n/a

Winners and promoted teams[edit]

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