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The Belarusian Telegraph Agency or BelTA (Belarusian: Беларускае Тэлеграфнае Агенцтва, Russian: Белорусское Телеграфное Агентство, БелТА) is the state-owned national news agency of the Republic of Belarus. It operates in Russian, Belarusian, English, German and Spanish languages.[1]

Founded on December 23, 1918, it cooperated with the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS), although it was legally independent of it.

Since Belarusian independence in 1991, it has been the national news agency. It transmits over a hundred daily reports, and provides information to other news agencies of Commonwealth of Independent States members about the activities of Belarusian officials and organizations in and out of the country.

BelTA has offices in all regions of Belarus, as well as abroad. The main office is in Minsk, on Kirov Street.

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