Belarusians in Ukraine

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Belarusians in Ukraine
Flag of Belarus.svg
Flag of Belarus
Total population
(275,763 (2001))
Regions with significant populations
Donetsk Oblast 44,525 (2001)
(w/ Sevastopol)
35,157 (2001)
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 29,528 (2001)
Luhansk Oblast 20,587 (2001)
Kyiv 16,549 (2001)
Kharkiv Oblast 14,752 (2001)
Odessa Oblast 12,767 (2001)
Zaporizhia Oblast 12,655 (2001)
Rivne Oblast 11,827 (2001)
other regions of Ukraine 77,416 (2001)
Russian (62.5%) Belarusian (19.8%)
Eastern Orthodoxy
Related ethnic groups
Slavic people (West Slavs, East Slavs, South Slavs)
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By regions
Closely related peoples
Languages and dialects

Belarusians in Ukraine is the second biggest minority after Russians. Unlike many other ethnic groups Belarusians do not have any particular concentration in the country, but spread out more-less evenly across all regions.

Location and number[edit]

In Ukraine, the number of Belarusians is estimated at over 275,000 (the 2001 Ukrainian Census)[1] Most of the Belarusians diaspora in Ukraine appeared as a result of the migration of Belarusians to the Ukrainian SSR during the Soviet Union. Lviv has been an important center of Belarusian social and cultural life during the Russian Empire and interwar Poland. There are now Belarusian organizations in major cities like Lviv, Sevastopol in the Crimea, and others. A notable Ukrainian of Belarusian descent is Viktor Yanukovych, the fourth president of Ukraine.


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