Belarusians in the United Kingdom

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Belarusians in the United Kingdom
Total population
Belarusian-born residents
1,154 (2001 UK Census)
Other estimates
5,000 (N.Hardzijenka estimate)
Regions with significant populations
Throughout the United Kingdom, especially London, Manchester
British English · Belarusian · Russian
Orthodox Church · Roman Catholicism · Greek Catholicism · Judaism · Atheism
Related ethnic groups
Baltic people, Polish British, Ukrainian diaspora in the United Kingdom, Russians in the United Kingdom

The Belarusian disapora in the United Kingdom (Belarusian: Беларусы ў Вялікабрытаніі) is composed of Belarusian migrants and British-born people of Belarusian background or descent in the United Kingdom. The 2001 UK Census recorded 1,154 Belarusian-born people living in the UK,[1] while one historian estimates that 5,000 Belarusians live in the UK.[2]


According to researcher Natallia Hardzijenka, the first significant wave of immigration from Belarus to the UK took place in late 19th to early 20th century. Another significant wave came after the Second World War. It was largely composed of former Belarusian military personnel of the Polish Anders Army. According to estimates, in total around 10 to 12 thousand Belarusians arrived in the UK after the war. A significant portion of them later emigrated to other countries.


Sign at the Belarusian religious mission in London

There have been Belarusian community centres in London, Manchester and Bradford as well as several religious centres. The Belarusian St. Cyril of Turau Boys' School was active in London in the 1960s and 1970s.[2]

The Anglo-Belarusian Society was founded in 1954 to promote contacts between the Belarusian diaspora and the British establishment.[2]

There are several other Belarusian organisations in the UK, including the Association of Belarusians in Great Britain, the Anglo-Belarusian Society and the Professional Union of Belarusians in Britain. There is a Belarusian Religious and Cultural Centre in Northern Finchley that includes the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum.

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