Belaya River (Kama)

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Belaya River, Ağidel, Aghidhel River
Набережная реки Белой.jpg
Belaya River in Ufa
Belaya basin.png
Belaya River basin
Origin Iremel mountain
54°33′0″N 59°3′0″E / 54.55000°N 59.05000°E / 54.55000; 59.05000
Mouth Kama, Nizhnekamsk Reservoir
55°53′14″N 53°36′14″E / 55.88722°N 53.60389°E / 55.88722; 53.60389Coordinates: 55°53′14″N 53°36′14″E / 55.88722°N 53.60389°E / 55.88722; 53.60389
Basin countries Bashkortostan, Russia
Length 1,430 km (890 mi)
Avg. discharge 858 m3/s (30,300 cu ft/s) (near Birsk)
Basin area 142,000 square kilometres (55,000 sq mi)

Belaya River (Russian: Бе́лая; Bashkir: Ағиҙел [ä.ʁi̠.ˈðɪ̞l], About this sound pronunciation ; Tatar Cyrillic: Агыйдел, Latin: Ağidel [ˌʌɣiˈdel]) is a river in Bashkortostan, Russian Federation. Its source lies in the south-western Ural Mountains.

It is 1,210 kilometres (750 mi) long.[1]

Settlements along the Belaya include Beloretsk, Sterlitamak, Ufa (at the confluence with the Ufa River), and Birsk. The Belaya flows into the Kama River near Neftekamsk.

Map of the Volga watershed with the Belaya highlighted


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