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Belcan Corporation
Founded Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. (1958 (1958))
Founder Ralph G. Anderson
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Number of locations
Over 49 Offices
Area served
Services Engineering and Staffing
Revenue $800+ million USD
Number of employees
Over 6,000

Belcan Corporation is an engineering consulting and staffing firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Belcan has over 11,000 employees in 70 locations around the world, serving a wide range of industries. It is among the top five largest engineering firms in the United States.


Belcan Corporation was founded in 1958 by Ralph G. Anderson, an engineering graduate of the University of Kentucky. Until 1976, Belcan concentrated on providing temporary engineering services to companies such as Allison Engine Company, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Procter & Gamble.[1]

In 1976 Belcan began to offer outsourced engineering services, hiring permanent engineering staff and performing engineering projects for clients in Belcan's offices. Separate divisions were formed: Engineering for outsourced engineering, and TechServices for temporary engineering services.[2] Procter & Gamble was one of the first major customers of Belcan's in-house services.[3] Beginning in 1976, Belcan began opening TechServices offices throughout the U.S.

In 1983, Belcan was offered a contract by Procter & Gamble to upgrade the production lines for a redesign of their Pampers disposable diapers. Belcan was responsible for the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and training of operations and maintenance personnel for production lines in 4 U.S. plants and seven overseas plants. Belcan expanded their offices and increased staff up to 400 people in order to meet the schedule. The first production line was running 7 months after the start of the project.[4]

In 1987, Belcan formed the Specialty Equipment Engineering Division to service light bulb manufacturing for all of General Electric's worldwide manufacturing plants.[5] SEED subsequently expanded to provide design and build of specialized manufacturing equipment for numerous clients and industries.

In 1991, Belcan and General Electric Aviation formed an alliance for Belcan to provide engineering, design and test support for GE's turbine engines. This relationship continued to grow, and in 2006 GE awarded Belcan a "Super Center" contract to provide support to GE's Aviation, Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Water divisions.[6]

The Staffing Solutions division of Belcan was founded in 1989 to address current customers' light industrial and clerical staffing needs. It had grown to over 25 offices in over 12 states before the division was spun off as Belflex and is no longer a part of Belcan.

Belcan's Engineering and TechServices divisions expanded through the late 1990s to the present with new offices and acquisitions.[7][8] By 2009 Belcan had approximately 60 offices internationally. On July 13, 2015, AE Industrial Partners LLC announced that it had completed the acquisition of Belcan Corporation.[9]


Belcan provides services in the following areas:

Engineering services[edit]

Belcan's Engineering division has 3,500 engineers in 25 offices providing full-service engineering support to clients in the Aviation, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Marine, Medical and Consumer & Industrial Products industries. Capabilities include design & build automation equipment, design engineering, engineering analysis (such as finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics), design drafting, software, electronics and control systems, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, customer service engineering and project management.

Technical recruitment[edit]

Belcan's TechServices division provides contract personnel and direct hire recruiting of technical professionals.


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