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Belchamber title page.png
Title page
AuthorHoward Sturgis
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)

Belchamber is a 1904 novel by Howard Sturgis.

Plot introduction[edit]

The story follows Sainty, an aristocratic heir who likes knitting and dislikes sports. He gets married after much goading from his mother, though his wife, Cissy, turns out to find him repugnant. She has an illegitimate son with someone else, who dies shortly after.[clarification needed]

Literary significance and criticism[edit]

The novel received mainly poor reviews from readers and critics, although E.M. Forster deplored the lack of readership the book received.[1] Edith Wharton, a personal friend of Sturgis', nonetheless praised the novel. She described it as "very nearly in the first rank", and tried in vain to have the novel published by Scribner's before it was picked up by Putnam.[2]


  • Title: Belchamber
  • Author:Howard Overing Sturgis
  • Editor: Ams PressInc, 1905
  • ISBN 0404146139, 9780404146139
  • 360 pages


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