Belcher's Street

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The Westwood mall at the base of The Belcher's, seen from Belcher's Street.
Belcher's Street, Hong Kong.

Belcher's Street (Chinese: 卑路乍街; Sidney Lau: Bei1Lou6Ja3Gaai1) is a main street in Kennedy Town of Hong Kong. It connects east Victoria Road and joins west Queen's Road West. A small section in its west end built a turn around for Hong Kong Tramway.

The street was named after Edward Belcher, a Royal Navy officer who surveyed the harbour of Hong Kong in 1841.

Ex-Western Fire Station, at No. 12 Belcher's Street.

The Ex-Western Fire Station, located at No. 12 Belcher's Street, was converted into the Po Leung Kuk Chan Au Big Yan Home for the Elderly. It is a Grade III historic building[1] and is located along the Central and Western Heritage Trail.[2]

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