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Beledie Han (Bulgarian: Беледие хан) is a populated place in Kostinbrod Municipality, Sofia Province, in western Bulgaria, approximately 11 km northwest of the town of Kostinbrod.

Beledie Han is located 26 kilometers from the city center Sofia and 18 kilometers from the ring road in Lomsko Road (Sofia - Petrohan - Berkovitsa - Montana - Lom).


The settlement originated near an old Roman road.

Different legends exist about the name of the village. Some say it was named after the daughter of one of the inn keepers Bella. Above the village, along the old Roman road some ruins of an ancient settlement can still be found.


In the beginning of the summer, the music festival Lilac OpenAir is held in the area close to Lyulaka hut.

Years ago the annual village 'sabor' gathering was organised on the 2 June but after 1989 the tradition faded.


The hut Lyulaka is situated 1,3 km from Beledie in Mala mountain. The hut has 35 beds, tourist kitchen and a canteen. The river Kriva flows by the hut and around many picturesque meadows suitable for picnics. It is believed that the area has buried gold and untold riches, which makes it interesting to treasure hunters.

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Coordinates: 42°53′15″N 23°09′54″E / 42.88750°N 23.16500°E / 42.88750; 23.16500