Belenois creona

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African common white
Belenois creona-03 (xndr).jpg
Female in wet season
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Pieridae
Genus: Belenois
Species: B. creona
Binomial name
Belenois creona
(Cramer, 1776)

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  • Papilio creona Cramer, [1776]
  • Anaphaeis creona
  • Papilio cneora Fabricius, 1793
  • Colias ernestius Laporte, 1831
  • Pieris creona ab. caeca Cannaviello, 1900
  • Pieris severina ab. sigirrensis Strand, 1909
  • Anapheis creona ab. houzeaui Dufrane, 1947
  • Glycestha creona r. benadirensis Storace, 1948
  • Pieris boguensis Felder & Felder, 1865
  • Pieris creona f. mixta Ungemach, 1932
  • Pieris elisa van Vollenhoven, 1869
  • Belenois johannae Butler, 1879
  • Belenois leucogyne Butler, 1885
  • Anapheis creona prorsus Talbot, 1943
  • Belenois creona prorsus f. antonii Bernardi, 1951
  • Papilio severina Stoll, 1781
  • Pieris agrippina Felder and Felder, 1865
  • Belenois infida Butler, 1888
  • Pieris severina ab. msamwiana Strand, 1911
  • Pieris guarani Köhler, 1923
  • Pieris severina f. acutapex Hulstaert, 1924
  • Pieris severina f. burgeoni Hulstaert, 1924
  • Pieris severina f. obscurissima Hulstaert, 1924
  • Pieris creona f. subalba Hulstaert, 1924
  • Anapheis creona ab. demaneti Dufrane, 1947
  • Anapheis creona ab. evrardi Dufrane, 1947
  • Anapheis creona ab. gnoma Dufrane, 1947
  • Anapheis creona f. mombasica Stoneham, 1957
  • Anapheis creona f. creonoides Stoneham, 1957
  • Anapheis creona f. creontica Stoneham, 1957
  • Anapheis creona f. nigerrima Stoneham, 1957
  • Anapheis creona f. jocasta Stoneham, 1957
  • Anapheis creona f. megara Stoneham, 1957

Belenois creona, the African common white or African caper, is a butterfly in the family Pieridae. It is found in the Afrotropic ecozone.


Belenois creona-01 (xndr).jpg
B. c. severina, Tanzania

The wingspan is 40–45 mm. The sexes are dimorphic.


Uppersides are white with black or brown marginal borders and veins in forewing apex. A black spot exists in the upperside cell instead of a bar as in the brown-veined white (B. aurota).


Females have broader dark upperside borders on both wings. Underwings are yellow during the wet season.[1]


The larvae feed on Capparis and Maerua species.


The following subspecies are recognised:[2]


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