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Beles River is a river of western Ethiopia. A tributary of the Abay river (better known as the Blue Nile), the Beles rises in Dangur woreda to flow in a south-west direction to its confluence. Its catchment area amounts to about 14,200 square kilometers.[1]

The source is located 15 km west of the Tanasees at about 2100m altitude above sea level. Since the Tana Beles hydroelectric power plant has been put into operation, the Beles has received water from Lake Tana, which is to be used in a series of irrigation projects below the power plant. For this purpose a series of dams were built. The mouth of the river Beles in the Blue Nile is located about 40 km above the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam that is under construction, and the water of the Beles will be used in the future.

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Coordinates: 10°54′N 35°16′E / 10.900°N 35.267°E / 10.900; 35.267