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Taiga beer bottle

Belgh Brasse is a brewery in Amos, in the Abitibi region of Northwestern Quebec, Canada.


The business was founded in 1999 by Jean-Louis Marcoux, a Belgian brewmaster. At the beginning, the business was selling the beer “8”. In 2004, Jean-Louis Marcoux, a devoted entrepreneur and beer brewing passionate, brought together some private investors to grow the brewery.

In 2011 Belgh Brasse launched a new product, the beer Mons.



Their first product was called "8", a Belgian-style bottle-fermenting beer. This beer is not on the market anymore.


Their second product was the Taïga, a golden ale launched at Christmas 2004. The water for this beer was taken from a local esker; the high quality of this water was one the reasons of the beer success. This beer is not on the market anymore.


Their last beer is called Mons, it is a product line of three abbey ale inspired beers. They have a white beer (Abbey Witte), a blonde beer (Abbey Blonde), a dubell (Abbey Dubbel) and a Quadruppel (Abbey Quadruppel). The water used to brew those beers still comes from an esker from Abitibi. The name Mons is inspired by the city of Mons, where Jean-Louis Marcoux, the brewmaster was born. This beer already has success in United States and in Canada.


The Mons Abbey Witte beer won a medal in the category Wheat beer Belgian style white/wit at the Canadian Brewing award 2012.

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