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The following is the list of Belgian First Division A top scorers by season, since the inception of the Belgian First Division A in 1895 until the present day.

Arthur Ceuleers and Jules Van Craen hold the record for most goals in a single season at 41. Erwin Vandenbergh holds the record for most awards won, with six wins. The most recent top scorer of the Belgian First Division A is Jérémy Perbet.


In recent years, the criteria to determine the top scorer in the Belgian First Division A have been extended, making it nearly impossible to have two or more shared winners in a season The criteria are currently as follows, in order:

  • Number of goals scored
  • Number of away goals scored
  • Number of minutes played
  • Number of assists
  • Number of goals scored, not taking into account penalty kicks

The ranking is computed after each matchday. Until matchday three, the player who scored the most goals during the previous season will play with the image of a "golden bull" on his back. Thereafter, each matchday the leader in the standings will get the image on his shirt. The final standings are computed upon conclusion of the championship playoffs and the Europa League playoffs. The test matches to determine the final team going to the Europa League are not taken into account.

List of top scorers[edit]

Player (X) Name of the player and number of times they had won the award at that point (if more than one)
dagger Indicates multiple award winners in the same season
double-dagger Indicates player also won the European Golden Shoe in the same season
§ Denotes the club were Belgian Pro League champions in the same season
Belgian Pro League top scorers
Season Player Nationality Club Goals
1895–96 Hickson, SamuelSamuel Hickson  England FC Liégeois§ ?
1896–97 Hickson, SamuelSamuel Hickson (2)  England FC Liégeois ?
1897–98 König, FranzFranz König   Switzerland Racing Club de Bruxelles ?
1898–99 König, FranzFranz König (2)   Switzerland Racing Club de Bruxelles ?
1899–1900 Atkinson, CharlesCharles Atkinson  England Racing Club de Bruxelles§ ?
1900–01 Potts, HerbertHerbert Potts  England Beerschot AC 26
1901–02 Potts, HerbertHerbert Potts (2)  England Beerschot AC 16
1902–03 Vanderstappen, GustaveGustave Vanderstappen  Belgium Union SG ?
1903–04 Vanderstappen, GustaveGustave Vanderstappen (2)  Belgium Union SG§ 30
1904–05 De Veen, RobertRobert De Veen  Belgium FC Brugeois ?
1905–06 De Veen, RobertRobert De Veen (2)  Belgium FC Brugeois 26
1906–07 Vertongen, MauriceMaurice Vertongen  Belgium Racing Club de Bruxelles 29
1907–08 Vertongen, MauriceMaurice Vertongen (2)  Belgium Racing Club de Bruxelles§ 23
1908–09 Kevorkian, VahramVahram Kevorkian  Russian Empire Racing Club de Bruxelles 30
1909–10 Vertongen, MauriceMaurice Vertongen (3)  Belgium Union SG§ 36
1910–11 Six, AlphonseAlphonse Six  Belgium CS Brugeois§ 40
1911–12 Bunyan, MauriceMaurice Bunyan  England Racing Club de Bruxelles 35
1912–13 Brébart, SylvaSylva Brébart  Belgium Daring Club de Bruxelles 31
1913–14 Bunyan, MauriceMaurice Bunyan (2)  England Racing Club de Bruxelles 28
No official championship played from 1914 to 1919 due to World War I
1919–20 Vlamynck, HonoréHonoré Vlamynck  Belgium Daring Club de Bruxelles 26
1920–21 Thys, IvanIvan Thys  Belgium Beerschot AC 23
1921–22 Thys, IvanIvan Thys (2)  Belgium Beerschot AC§ 21
1922–23 Meyskens, AchilleAchille Meyskens  Belgium Union SG§ 24
1923–24 Jooris, CharlesCharles Jooris  Belgium Racing Club de Bruxelles 18
1924–25 Taeymans, JosephJoseph Taeymans  Belgium Berchem Sport 20
1925–26 Grimmonprez, LaurentLaurent Grimmonprez  Belgium RC Gent 28
1926–27 Fabry, LucienLucien Fabry  Belgium Standard CL 28
1927–28 Braine, RaymondRaymond Braine  Belgium Beerschot AC§ 35
1928–29 Braine, RaymondRaymond Braine (2)  Belgium Beerschot AC 30
1929–30 De Vidts, PierrePierre De Vidts  Belgium Daring Club de Bruxelles 26
1930–31dagger Secretin, JacquesJacques Secretin  Belgium RCFC Montegnée 21
1930–31dagger Van Beeck, JosephJoseph Van Beeck  Belgium Antwerp FC§ 21
1931–32 Delmez, BernardBernard Delmez  Belgium Liersche SK§ 26
1932–33 Ulens, WillyWilly Ulens  Belgium Antwerp FC 26
1933–34 Van Landeghem, VitalVital Van Landeghem  Belgium Union SG§ 29
1934–35 Mondelé, MariusMarius Mondelé  Belgium Daring Club de Bruxelles 28
1935–36 Lambrechts, FlorFlor Lambrechts  Belgium Antwerp FC 37
1936–37 Collet, JeanJean Collet  Belgium White Star WAC 22
1937–38 Mondelé, MariusMarius Mondelé (2)  Belgium Daring Club de Bruxelles 32
1938–39 Wagner, JozefJozef Wagner  Belgium Antwerp FC 31
Championship stopped in 1939-40 due to World War II, while in 1940-41 only an unofficial competition was played
1941–42 De Cleyn, BertBert De Cleyn  Belgium Antwerp FC 34
1942–43dagger Ceuleers, ArthurArthur Ceuleers  Belgium Beerschot AC 41
1942–43dagger Van Craen, JulesJules Van Craen  Belgium Liersche SK 41
1943–44 Goossens, JanJan Goossens  Belgium OC Charleroi 34
1944-45 championship not played due to World War II, while the 1945-46 season was stopped for the same reason
1946–47 Mermans, JefJef Mermans  Belgium Anderlecht§ 39
1947–48 Mermans, JefJef Mermans (2)  Belgium Anderlecht 23
1948–49 Thirifays, RenéRené Thirifays  Belgium Charleroi 26
1949–50 Mermans, JefJef Mermans (3)  Belgium Anderlecht§ 37
1950–51 Dehert, AlbertAlbert Dehert  Belgium Berchem Sport 27
1951–52 Mannaerts, JozefJozef Mannaerts  Belgium KRC Mechelen 23 [1]
1952–53 Coppens, RikRik Coppens  Belgium Beerschot AC 35
1953–54 Van Den Bosch, HippolyteHippolyte Van Den Bosch  Belgium Anderlecht§ 29
1954–55 Coppens, RikRik Coppens (2)  Belgium Beerschot 35
1955–56 Mathonet, JeanJean Mathonet  Belgium Standard 26
1956–57 Willems, MauriceMaurice Willems  Belgium Gent 35
1957–58 Vliers, JefJef Vliers  Belgium Beerschot 25
1958–59 Wegria, VictorVictor Wegria  Belgium RFC Liégeois 26
1959–60 Wegria, VictorVictor Wegria (2)  Belgium Liégeois 21
1960–61 Wegria, VictorVictor Wegria (3)  Belgium Liégeois 23
1961–62 Stockman, JackyJacky Stockman  Belgium Anderlecht§ 29
1962–63 Wegria, VictorVictor Wegria (4)  Belgium Liégeois 29
1963–64 Van Himst, PaulPaul Van Himst  Belgium Anderlecht§ 26
1964–65 Colonval, Jean-PaulJean-Paul Colonval  Belgium Tilleur 25
1965–66 Van Himst, PaulPaul Van Himst (2)  Belgium Anderlecht§ 25
1966–67 Mulder, JanJan Mulder  Netherlands Anderlecht§ 20
1967–68dagger Claessen, RogerRoger Claessen  Belgium Standard Liège 20
1967–68dagger Van Himst, PaulPaul Van Himst (3)  Belgium Anderlecht§ 20
1968–69 Nagy, AntalAntal Nagy  Hungary Standard Liège§ 20
1969–70 Emmerich, LotharLothar Emmerich  Germany Beerschot 29
1970–71 Kostedde, ErwinErwin Kostedde  Germany Standard Liège§ 26
1971–72 Lambert, RaoulRaoul Lambert  Belgium Club Brugge 17
1972–73dagger Rensenbrink, RobbieRobbie Rensenbrink  Netherlands Anderlecht 16
1972–73dagger Riedl, AlfredAlfred Riedl  Austria Sint-Truiden 16
1973–74 Ladynski, AttilaAttila Ladynski  Hungary Anderlecht§ 22
1974–75 Riedl, AlfredAlfred Riedl (2)  Austria Antwerp 28
1975–76 Posthumus, HansHans Posthumus  Netherlands Lierse 26
1976–77 Van Der Elst, FrançoisFrançois Van Der Elst  Belgium Anderlecht 21
1977–78 Nickel, HaraldHarald Nickel  Germany Standard Liège 22
1978–79 Albert, ErwinErwin Albert  Germany Beveren§ 28
1979–80 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenberghdouble-dagger  Belgium Lierse 39
1980–81 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenbergh (2)  Belgium Lierse 24
1981-82 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenbergh (3)  Belgium Lierse 25
1982-83 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenbergh (4)  Belgium Anderlecht 20
1983-84 Claesen, NicoNico Claesen  Belgium Seraing 27
1984-85 Martens, RonnyRonny Martens  Belgium Gent 23
1985-86 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenbergh (5)  Belgium Anderlecht§ 27
1986-87 Guðjohnsen, ArnórArnór Guðjohnsen  Iceland Anderlecht§ 19
1987-88 Severeyns, FrancisFrancis Severeyns  Belgium Antwerp 24
1988-89 Krncevic, EdiEdi Krncevic  Australia Anderlecht 23
1989-90 Farina, FrankFrank Farina  Australia Club Brugge§ 24
1990-91 Vandenbergh, ErwinErwin Vandenbergh (6)  Belgium Gent 23
1991-92 Weber, JosipJosip Weber  Croatia Cercle Brugge 26
1992-93 Weber, JosipJosip Weber (2)  Croatia Cercle Brugge 31
1993-94 Weber, JosipJosip Weber (3)  Belgium[2] Cercle Brugge 31
1994-95 Vidmar, AurelioAurelio Vidmar  Australia Standard Liège 22
1995-96 Stanić, MarioMario Stanić  Croatia Club Brugge§ 20
1996-97 Špehar, RobertRobert Špehar  Croatia Club Brugge 26
1997-98 Strupar, BrankoBranko Strupar  Croatia Genk 22
1998-99 Koller, JanJan Koller  Czech Republic Lokeren 24
1999–2000dagger Årst, Ole MartinOle Martin Årst  Norway Gent 30
1999–2000dagger Brogno, ToniToni Brogno  Belgium Westerlo 30
2000-01 Radzinski, TomaszTomasz Radzinski  Canada Anderlecht§ 23
2001-02 Sonck, WesleyWesley Sonck  Belgium Genk§ 30
2002–03dagger Roussel, CédricCédric Roussel  Belgium Mons 22
2002–03dagger Sonck, WesleyWesley Sonck (2)  Belgium Genk 22
2003-04 Pieroni, LuigiLuigi Pieroni  Belgium Mouscron 28
2004-05 Jestrović, NenadNenad Jestrović  Serbia and Montenegro Anderlecht 18
2005-06 Dosunmu, TosinTosin Dosunmu  Nigeria Germinal Beerschot 18
2006-07 Sterchele, FrançoisFrançois Sterchele  Belgium Germinal Beerschot 21
2007-08 Akpala, JosephJoseph Akpala  Nigeria Charleroi 18
2008-09 Ruiz, Jaime AlfonsoJaime Alfonso Ruiz  Colombia Westerlo 18
2009-10 Lukaku, RomeluRomelu Lukaku  Belgium Anderlecht§ 15 [3]
2010-11 Perišić, IvanIvan Perišić  Croatia Club Brugge 22
2011-12 Perbet, JérémyJérémy Perbet  France Mons 25
2012-13 Bacca, CarlosCarlos Bacca  Colombia Club Brugge 25
2013-14 Harbaoui, HamdiHamdi Harbaoui  Tunisia Lokeren 22
2014-15 Mitrović, AleksandarAleksandar Mitrović  Serbia Anderlecht 20
2015-16 Perbet, JérémyJérémy Perbet (2)  France Charleroi 22


  • 1^ Originally, Rik Coppens was credited with the title of top scorer for the 1951-52 season with 23 goals, until in 2011 a fan noticed that Jozef Mannaerts had actually scored 25 goals that season and the title changed hands.[1]
  • 2^ Josip Weber changed nationality during the 1993-94 season.
  • 3^ Starting with the 2009-10 season, only 30 games were played in the regular competition to decide upon the title of topscorer. In the first season, the title of top scorer was decided immediately after these 30 games. However, from the season 2010-11 on, the goals scored during the playoffs will count.[2] If this rule had been in place during the 2009-10 season, Dorge Kouemaha would have been top scorer instead of Lukaku.


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