Belgian general election, 1874

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Belgian general election, 1874
← 1872 9 June 1874 (1874-06-09) 1876 →

61 of the 124 seats in the Chamber of Representatives
63 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Party Catholic Liberal
Last election 71 seats 53 seats
Seats won 68 56
Seat change Decrease3 Increase3
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Partial general elections were held in Belgium on 9 June 1874.[1][2] The result was a victory for the Catholic Party, which won 68 of the 124 seats in the Chamber of Representatives and 34 of the 62 seats in the Senate.[2] Voter turnout was 64.1%, although only 52,074 people were eligible to vote.

Under the alternating system, elections for the Chamber of Representatives were only held in four out of the nine provinces: Hainaut, Limburg, Liège and East Flanders.

Incumbent Head of Government Barthélémy de Theux de Meylandt was re-elected in the arrondissement of Hasselt but died on 21 August 1874. A special election was held on 27 September 1874 to replace him, which Henri de Pitteurs-Hiegaerts won.

Additionally, a special election was held in the arrondissement of Tielt to replace Gustave de Mûelenaere, who died on 8 July 1874. Auguste Beernaert was elected to succeed him.


Chamber of Representatives[edit]

Party Votes % Seats
Won Total +/–
Liberal Party 17,531 52.5 35 56 +3
Catholic Party 15,864 47.5 26 68 –3
Invalid/blank votes 2,687
Total 36,082 100 61 124 0
Registered voters/turnout 52,074 64.1
Source: Mackie & Rose,[3] Sternberger et al


Party Votes % Seats
Catholic Party 34
Liberal Party 28
Total 62
Sternberger et al.


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