Belgian general election, 1890

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Belgian general election, 1890
1888 ←
10 June 1890 (1890-06-10) → 1892

All 138 seats in the Chamber of Representatives
70 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Party Catholic Liberal
Last election 98 seats 40 seats
Seats won 94 44
Seat change Decrease4 Increase4
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General elections were held in Belgium on 10 June 1890.[1][2] In the elections for the Chamber of Representatives the result was a victory for the Catholic Party, which won 94 of the 138 seats.[2] Voter turnout was 73.0%, although only 59,452 people were eligible to vote.[2]


Chamber of Representatives[edit]

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Catholic Party 94 –4
Liberal Party 44 +4
Total 138 0
Sternberger et al.


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