Belgian railway line 49

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Belgian railway line 49
A level crossing at Busch in 2013, view towards Eupen
Status Operational
Locale Belgium
Termini Welkenraedt
Opened Welkenraedt - Eupen: 1 March 1864
Eupen - Raeren: 3 August 1887
Closed Eupen - Raeren
Operator(s) National Railway Company of Belgium
Line length 8.7 mi (14.0 km)
Number of tracks single track Welkenraedt - Eupen: 1
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Electrification none
Operating speed 55 mph (89 km/h)
Route map

Belgian Railway Line 49.png

line 37 from Liège-Guillemins and
line 39 from Montzen / Botzelaer
0,0 Welkenraedt
line 37 to Hergenrathgrens
HSL 3 from Chênée to Y Hammerbrücke
5,9 Eupen
7,9 Belgian railway line 49A
Y Rott, slur to Y Periolbroken up
lijn 48 van Sankt-Vith
13.5 Raeren
lijn 48 naar Aachen-Rote Erde / Stolberg Hbf

Belgian railway line 49 connects Welkenraedt with Eupen. The line is approx. 8.7 miles long. In its early days the line also connected to Raeren.


  • This article is based on a translation of the equivalent page on the Dutch language Wikipedia.